Boek Made in Mirrors | Made in Mirrors | 2010

Boek Made in Mirrors


MIM Report
Made in Mirrors
16 x 24 cm
68 p

Made in Mirrors (MIM) is a long-term international cooperative venture dedicated to encouraging and enabling the small-scale exchange of creative people (including artists, writers, musicians, architects and philosophers) and ideas that result from mirroring reality from different angles.
Made in Mirrors was created with a sense of urgency: an urgency to break down the traditional ‘white cube’ of the art institute and restore contact with the world; an urgency to draw attention to multi- and interdisciplinary approaches in art and search for other forms of distribution; and an urgency to redefine the cultural paradigms of the Western art world by putting them into perspective and reflecting on cultural realities and practices in other regions. Made in Mirrors is bound to foster curiosity, create conditions for mirror experiments and generate communication about the conclusions. MIM functions as a ‘cultural interface,’ a dynamo for reflection, and an exchange between the venues of artistic practice in the four corners of the world. The results of such exchanges take the form of exhibitions, publications, lectures and any other suitable media. Each participating region has one person responsible for the content and artistic quality of the projects. Together they decide on the program and the mission of the project.