Boek 20 Years EAP | Schunck* | 2010


20 Years Euregional Prize for Architecture
Schunck*, Heerlen 2010
24 x 30 cm
104 p

In 2010, the 20th anniversary of the Euregional Prize for Architecture (EAP) was celibrated and this publication has been compiled to mark the occasion. Over the years, the EAP has developed into a constant and today, more than ever, it is a valuable instrument for stimulating the competition between the six schools of architecture in the Euro-region. It provides a network and a platform that has been the starting point for exchanges of ideas and discussions, as well as for many new projects. The schools of architecture and the professional associations use this forum as a kind of sounding board, which is very useful at present given the restructuring of courses implemented as part of the Bologna Process. Of course, it is primarily recent graduates who benefit from this unique tri-national prize. Simply being nominated to participate in the competition can be regarded as a great compliment by the graduates, to be part of the best 35 examination projects and to stand out from a body of 400 final-year students. The first three winners are in line for a considerable amount of prize money, as well as obtaining an excellent reference for their CV’s. There are numerous prizes in the three countries, such as the Archiprix, various prizes for promising young architects awarded by the professional associations, chambers and states to graduates in the design disciplines, but none of these prizes has a tri-national background. The EAP forms the basis for exchange between the schools of architecture and students in the three countries, thereby promoting and stimulating collaboration.